TEFLOne.com is owned and managed by experienced TEFL people who have held various TEFL positions from teachers to director of studies, school administrators, recruiters, etc.

We can help you find a suitable position in the country of your choice. We take all candidates through every step of the process from interview to airport pick-up upon arrival in your new home! We also provide detailed information packs on the country and school of your choice and we guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary visas before you leave your home country.

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“I found the recruitment process to be great, with all the information I needed there before I went” Andrew Mellusco, TEFLOne recruit

“The interview was conducted in a professional manner and the interviewer was able to answer all of my questions regarding the position and Taiwan in general” Ewan Campbell, TEFLOne recruit

“This recruitment company was great, not just at interviewing but provided an excellent insight into Taiwan and its people” James Robinson, TEFLOne recruit

“I cannot fault the information sent to me or the speed of response to specific queries given the time differences between the UK and Asia. The service was excellent. I actually secured a position with another company through TEFLOne and I signed a contract to come out to China within a month of my first application” Louise Coe, TEFLOne recruit

“I had wonderful pre-orientation. I was told about the school I would go to, the stage of the students, the housing, the contract, when and how I’d be paid, the steps needed to get reimbursed for my air fare plus how much of various out front costs would be reimbursed” Nim Stevens, TEFLOne recruit

“Before my arrival in Japan TEFLOne was on hand to assist in any questions that I had. Obviously I was excited but also a little apprehensive with this new change coming from working in an office to teaching English in Japan. I knew that if I had a question then I could email TEFLOne and they would be prompt and professional with an answer. TEFLOne also emailed me contact details of another new teacher who had arrived the same day I did. An excellent idea as I could contact them and see how they were feeling and preparing for the big move” Derek Herbert, TEFLOne recruit

“It's slightly surreal looking back to when I applied for this job. My lifestyle was starkly different but it took very few steps to reach where I am now. TEFLOne made the recruitment process very straight forward, the required application documentation was far more concise than for the other recruiter's that I'd tried. After a telephone interview, I had a job offer less than a week later! The following visa application was also painless, and TEFLOne kept a close eye to make sure everything ran smoothly” Jocelyn Clifford-Frith, TEFLOne recruit

“My interview with TEFLOne was the most professional, while still remaining relaxed, experience I have had to date with any recruiting company. Thank you.” Sonia Spry, TEFLOne recruit

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