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Why TEFL In China?

Why Tefl In China

Continuing our series of "Why TEFL In...?", this week we're taking a look at China. When it comes to TEFL jobs, China has a large diversity of positions available, anything from small language schools, to large institutions, international...

Why TEFL In Vietnam?

Tefl In Vietnam

Vietnam is not always up there with Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan when it comes to the top places people want to become TEFL teachers on, but it soon will be. The country is currently the "frontier" when it comes to TEFL positions, and as the...

Why TEFL In Taiwan?

Tefl In Taiwan

One of the hardest things for a lot of would-be TEFL teachers is deciding which country to head to. You might have to choose between a list of several, and from afar, it can be tricky to identify the differences.

Today's article is the first in a...

Do I Really Need A Lesson Plan?

Tefl Lesson Plan

When you are a brand new teacher, a lesson plan can be your map through the minefield of a TEFL classroom. As you get more comfortable, you may start to feel that you don't need one, and even stop bothering to write them.

While it's true that not...