How Much Will Your Beer Cost In Asia?

Beer Price In Asia

In a previous post, we talked about the various prices of a bowl of cornflakes around Asia. While this is an important (and fun) way of comparing costs in the different countries, we decided that an equally important comparison would be for beer.

Beer pricing around the world can vary greatly, depending on how heavily it is taxed and what the average cost of living is, so as well as being fun, it's also another insight into the general living costs in the given countries.

We'll be doing the same countries as before, and again relying on data from's city guide. We have updated some of it though as personal experience shows that a few figures were slightly off.

We will also be displaying three prices for each city; local beer, imported beer, and beer in a bar. These are generally the lowest prices, so don't be surprised if some more popular bars charge you more.


Local Beer: 1500 KRW / £0.82

Imported Beer: 3000 KRW / £1.64

Beer in a Bar: 4000 KRW / £2.19

Some of the more popular local beer is Hite and Cass. Don't forget to try some Soju though!


Local Beer: 3 CNY / £.031

Imported: 7 CNY / £0.71

Bar: 10 CNY / £1.02

Popular local Chinese beer is TsingTao and Snow Beer.


Local: $2.50 SGD / £1.15

Imported: $3.10 SGB / £1.42

Bar: $10.00 SGB / £4.58

Singapore is well known as an ex-pat city, so the drinking culture is great and there are plenty of bars. It's definitely an expensive city though, so these prices are in the mid-range.


Local: 200 JPY / £1.08

Imported: 400 JPY / £2.15

Bar: 500 JPY / £2.69

The most well known Japanese beers are Kirin Ichiban and Asahi.


Local: 30 TWD / £0.65

Imported: 45 TWD / £0.80

Bar: 120 TWD / £2.20

Taiwan Gold Medal is a nice local beer in Taiwan. Don't forget the Gaoliang though!


Local Beer: 3 CNY / £.031

Imported: 7 CNY / £0.71

Bar: 10 CNY / £1.02

For a capital city, Beijing is one of the cheapest in Asia.

Ho Chi Minh City

Local: 10,000 VND / £0.29

Imported: 30,000 VND / £0.87

Bar: 7,000 / $0.20

Surprisingly, beer in a bar is cheaper in Vietnam than local or imported beer from a store. Unsurprisingly, Vietnam is the winner of this price comparison once again.


Remember that there is more to choosing a city than the price of beer or price of cereal, but these guides are here to help you understand the general cost of living in these countries.

Equally though, some of the more expensive countries like Singapore will generally offer a higher salary as well, so it's a trade-off. Somewhere like China or Taiwan makes a good middle-ground.

If you want to know more about choosing a country, read our article on all the things you should consider here.