Learn How TEFLOne Will Find You The Best Teaching Jobs In Asia

A Is For Apple!

If you’re looking for work abroad as an English teacher, and you’re wondering what TEFLOne can do for you, then the following post is a MUST read. You’ll learn what kind of service we can offer, why this benefits you, and more importantly, why we stand out from the crowd in our industry.

TEFLOne has been successfully placing teachers in top job placements around Asia since 2007. This is a service that’s free of charge to potential teachers, and makes the job application process seamless. If you’re looking for a job teaching English in Asia, and you meet the requirements, TEFLOne is the place for you, and here’s why.

There are dozens of recruiting agencies out there, all vying to get you placed in a job abroad, but only a handful of them are worth looking at. The majority will just find any candidates they can get, and place them in the first school that they find, take their fee (paid by the school) and be done with the whole process. As a potential teacher, this doesn’t really sound that appealing does it?

TEFLOne does things differently. We make sure that you are absolutely happy with the school that you’re being placed in. We don’t even “sell” you on the placement. If you’re not happy, then we’ll listen to your concerns, and go about seeking a better position for you. We don’t receive our fee from the schools for recruiting you unless you stay for the length of your contract, so there’s literally no benefit for us in finding you a bad job. It’s counterproductive for us, and counterproductive for you.

No thanks!

As a result of this commitment, we’ve got a 100% contract completion record in multiple countries, spanning several years. That means that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the teachers we’ve placed in those countries have stayed for a year or more. It’s almost unheard of in our industry, and as you can tell, we’re extremely proud of it (and aren’t going to place a teacher in a bad school anytime soon).

A Personalized Service

We also like to think of ourselves as more than just a recruitment agency, but your guides into the country of choice. For example in Japan, we don’t just put you in touch with a school then say goodbye, we walk you through the entire application process, assist with you getting your Visa and flight booked, advise you on what to pack, how much money to prepare, and are helping you right up until you arrive at the airport in Japan where you will be met by school staff.

We’re a smaller company, which gives us a much more hands-on approach to our work. Candidates aren’t statistics or “sales”, they’re people that we get to know and in some cases keep in touch with for a long time. 

Being small certainly has its advantages, and that directly benefits you, as you’ll get a much more personalized service.

Career Advancement

We also work with a number of schools that offer some great career progression opportunities. If you’re looking to stay long term, it’s quite likely that you’ll be placed in a company that will support your ambitions. A large number of TEFLOne recruited teachers currently occupy senior management positions in some of the larger school companies throughout Asia.

One of our teachers went on to be Director of Studies for his school in Vietnam, responsible for the whole division of schools. 

This also means that the schools we work with know that we deliver top candidates, and it’s safe to say that any teacher we recommend is going to have an advantage in the application process. The schools know that we only send them the best teachers.

Let’s Get The Ball Moving

Today could well be the day that you take that first step into a new, exciting career, and we know that you’ll be in the best position to do so when you apply with us.

We’re always placing new teachers in new positions, so head over to the application process for your country of choice (links below), and let us know about you. 

We’re looking forward to finding you that dream job!