Questions To Ask Your Recruiter In The TEFL Interview

Questions To Ask In Tefl Interview

It's often said that you should try to ask at least one question in an interview, as it shows you're engaged and thinking about the job correctly. That's not the purpose of this article though. While asking questions will certainly have that effect, it's also useful because an important part of applying for a TEFL job is knowing that it's the right job for you.

It's a big commitment going abroad for a year or more, and you need to know all the facts. Most reputable recruitment agencies will give you a good summary of the position, and should you accept it, will also give you a welcome pack with all the information you need. However, in some cases you'll still need to ask for some additional information. 

This article is going to give you a good list of things to ask your recruiters in the interview, so that you'll know all the facts before you choose to accept or not.

Questions To Ask Your Recruiter

- What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living/Working In City Or Country X?

Most recruiters want to make sure they're placing you in the right position. They're not likely to overly "sell" a position to you. As such, this means they'll be able to give you a good, fair summary of the disadvantages as well as advantages of any particular position. There's a lot to consider as well. Just because a position has a good (or not so good) salary, doesn't mean it's a good (or not so good!) job. Read our article on the bigger picture and other things you should consider.

Some follow-up questions to the one above are:

- What administrative/other tasks are required in this position, outside of teaching?

-  What is the teacher turnover rate at the school?

-  What happens when I arrive in the country?

- What Kind Of Welfare Support Does The School Offer?

Some schools will offer a good amount of welfare, especially ones with western management. This might include help finding accommodation, social events, help with taxes, induction training, and even flight reimbursement. 

- What Are The Next Steps In The Recruitment Process?

This is definitely a question that shows you are committed, serious, and engaged in the process, but it's also going to give you a good insight into what you need to prepare, how long you might need to wait, and any other information. Asking this question will hands-down increase your chances of success.

- What Can I Do To Increase My Chances Of Being Selected For The Offer Of Employment?

Asking this question is similar to the one above. Want to know how to get picked? Just ask! Recruiters will already be getting a good idea of how suitable you are, but they'll be more than happy to tell you how to make their decision easier. All a recruiter wants to do is place the right person in the right job, so anything that makes this easier for them, or makes them more confident of the right decision, is fine with them.

Anything That Is On Your Mind?

While reviewing the job details, recruitment agency website, or any other documents related to the position, you're bound to have a few other questions crop up. Do some research to see if you can find out the answer yourself, but feel free to verify this with the recruiter, it will show you are taking the initiative.

On top of that, if you can't find the answer yourself, definitely ask it. There's no stupid question in this situation, and anything that helps you make a decision or make the application go more smoothly is a good thing.