The 5 Safest Countries In Asia

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Is that country you're thinking of heading to as a TEFL teacher safe? Are you going to get your flat broken into on the very first week? Are you fine to walk home alone at night? These are rational fears to have before embarking on any overseas adventure, but fortunately, they are mostly unfounded.

Asia has some very safe countries, but like all parts of the world, it definitely pays to be cautious and to know which countries are indeed safe.

Actually, some of the top countries in the WORLD for safety are Asian countries, so you might find that you're moving somewhere that is even safer than your own country. Refreshing to know.

Please note that a lot of the lists out there are not fully objective, or are based on different data. Some people base their lists on the Global Peace Index, whereas others use crime rates and/or murder rates. 

While this can produce a slightly different list, what it doesn't do is make a country seem safe on one list and dangerous on another. If Japan, for example, is number 1 on one list, it's still going to feature highly on all other lists.

The Safest Countries In Asia

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5. South Korea

Even though it comes in at number five, South Korea still has a very low crime rate. Only 3% of people have been assaulted, 13% have experienced personal theft, and over 60% of the population feel safe walking at night. They are 52nd overall in the Global Peace Index.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong might have been made famous for having gangs thanks to Hollywood movies, but for the most part you'll never witness this. Only 1% of the population have been assaulted or experienced theft, and 88% of the population feel safe walking home at night. The city ranks lower than South Korea on the Global Safety Rank (65th), but we think the fact only 1% of the population experiences theft or assault should put them much higher. 

3. Japan

Japan is all the way up in 8th on the Global Peace Index, but that's not quite enough for us. Around 2.7% of people in Japan have experienced assault and 10.7% have experienced theft. 75% of citizens feel safe walking home at night.

2. Taiwan

28th in the Global Peace Index, over 75% of the Taiwanese population feels safe walking home at night. In the capital Taipei, there are so many police that this percentage is a lot higher. Around 4% of people have been assaulted, and 15% have experienced personal theft.

1. Singapore

If you think 1% is low, check out Singapore, where only 0.1% of the population have been assaulted. A whopping 98% of citizens feel safe walking home at night. The city features 25th on the global peace index, which helps to earn them the top spot.

Closing Thoughts

Except for Singapore and Hong Kong, you also need to consider that different cities will be safer than others. For example, Taipei in Taiwan is going to be safer than Taichung, as it has more police presence and more people out at night. 

In Japan, Osaka and Tokyo are considered the safest two cities, with Seoul the safest in South Korea. 

What's also important to be aware of is that these five countries are not the only safe countries in Asia, they just happen to be the best.