What Careers A TEFL Position Can Lead To

Tefl Career

There can be much more to TEFL than just teaching abroad for a couple of years if you want there to be. Not that there's anything wrong with heading to a country for a year or two before heading back, but a lot of people fail to look at the bigger picture and see how many opportunities there are right in front of them.

Staying in a TEFL position for a few years opens up a large array of opportunities, and we're going to look at these in the rest of this article.

Better Teaching Opportunities

The most common route taken is to become better qualified and then get better positions. This could be through taking a DipTESOL, or going home and completing a PGCE (or your country's equivalent). By doing this, you can usually get jobs in international schools, government schools, or at places such as the British Council.

These positions usually offer higher pay (and paid holiday), and are more like standard teaching positions back home. 

Academic Management

Some schools that have western management, academic support, and large numbers of branches, will have a head office that needs filling with academic managers and other staff positions. The vast majority of these schools recruit internally, which means that if you stick around for a couple of years, there's a good chance of you moving into one of those management positions.

On top of that, this kind of position would look great on your CV, so if you did decide to return home (or try a different country), your opportunities would be broader still.

Many teachers who TEFLOne has placed in such schools have gone on to be managers in Taiwan, Vietnam, and all over Asia. 


Whether it's at a third party company or part of the above mentioned management teams, there are good positions available in teacher recruitment too. The best recruitment companies are run by current or former teachers, as they know the most about the industry, the ideal candidates, and what it's like to perform the role of a TEFL teacher.

Should you wish, this is a position you could move into as well, and there are a lot of companies operating in any given country.

Teacher Training

Again, this could be part of a management team, or it could even be part of a TEFL school. If you've already studied a TEFL, CELTA, or similar, you'll most likely have been educated by a former ESL teacher. In many cases, you can do this job either from abroad, or from back in your home country, which gives you great career options even if you did still want to go home.


Many local companies need native-English speaking editors, either on-staff or as freelancers. This gives you a good opportunity to get out of teaching later on if you wish to, but still stay in your country of choice.

Of course, there are also plenty of students, schools, and universities that need editors for things such as essays, so you can still edit and be involved in education too.

Course Book Writing

You know those course books every school has? You could be the one to write the next edition! School text book/course writing is a huge industry in itself and the best candidates for these jobs are former, or current, teachers.

Use Your Opportunities

What's additionally good about all of the above opportunities, is that each one can open up further opportunities of its own. Who knows, you might think that you're just heading to Asia for a year or two to teach, and before you know it, a whole career is opening up in front of you.

Whatever you decide to do, knowing what's on offer will make things a lot more interesting, and create a plethora of options.