When Is The Peak Hiring Time For TEFL Jobs In Asia?


Knowing when the peak hiring time (or even peak application times) are for Asia can help you increase your chances of being one of those teachers that gets hired.

It makes sense that if you apply when there are more jobs available, or when there might be fewer people applying, you'll be more likely to get noticed. Of course, the best way to get noticed is to follow some of our other tips.

Should You Apply During The Peak Hiring Time?

It really depends on you. As said above, intuitively it makes sense that if there are more jobs, you have a better chance of getting hired, but the best schools often want the best candidates, so availability of positions isn't necessarily going to help you. 

If you're already a great candidate, you can apply any time. Besides, the schools we work with have jobs available all year round, so you don't need to wait. Get in touch here.

On the other hand, it could also be the case that peak hiring time is when you have more people applying. Why not try to go against the grain, and apply when there's less competition? That's ALWAYS going to be a good thing, especially if you're a good candidate.

Tip: People are less likely to apply in December due to Christmas and New Year, and are more likely to apply in the summer after graduation.

What ARE The Peak Times?

As well as which country you're planning on going to, this also depends on the institution/company/type of school you're applying for. However, as a general rule of thumb, the peak time for Taiwan tends to be June - July, for Japan it's January - April, and for China, September. 

You should note though that these countries are always searching for good teachers and there is never a period lacking demand. We are placing teachers every month, so don't feel that you need to work within these time frames.

What Else Dictates When To Apply?

This is a much better question to be asking. As well as peak times, you also need to make the following considerations:

  • Are you qualified yet?
  • How much notice do you need? 
  • How long might the application process take?
  • How much research have you done?

Recruitment agencies will always prefer candidates who can be ready at a shorter time period. They'll still consider you if you can be ready in the more distant future, but candidates that are raring to go and available immediately will never have their CV's pushed to the bottom of the pile; something that can be detrimental to your chances.

You can read the FAQ section to learn more about these things.

When Is The Best Time To Go To A Given Country?

Again this really depends when you are going. For Taiwan it's probably best to try and avoid arriving in May, the rainiest time of the year. However that at least gives you a few weeks to get used to the temperature before the full force of summer arrives!

It's best to research your country, look at your own calendar and plans, and decide based on that. There's no right or wrong time to go, only the time that best suits you.

As we've said already, we are happy to place teachers any time and have positions available year-round, which means there's no time like the present. Apply here.

Don't Sweat It

In case it hasn't sunk in yet, you really don't need to worry about this so much. When you're ready, you can apply. If you're not ready yet, then get yourself into a position where you think you'll be comfortable, and then apply. 

Don't feel like you need to meet a certain deadline or time-frame.