Why TEFL In Vietnam?

Tefl In Vietnam

Vietnam is not always up there with Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan when it comes to the top places people want to become TEFL teachers on, but it soon will be. The country is currently the "frontier" when it comes to TEFL positions, and as the market expands, more and more opportunities await.

The cost of living is still very low, the quality of living is increasing quickly, and with year round hiring, it can be easier to get a position than some other countries.

The following article is going to look at these points in more detail, and more.

Reasons To Teach English In Vietnam

Entry - Level

Vietnam is a great country for beginner teachers, but it's also got plenty to offer for the more experienced. As the country expands, more and more positions are being created, and since competition is lower than the "big" TEFL countries, it's easier for you to get hired (should you be a quality candidate of course).

You'll still need a TEFL certificate and a degree, and you'll still need to follow our best practices, but the volume of competition will be dramatically lower. It's a great stepping stone for the rest of Asia as well.

Cost Of Living : Salary Ratio

For the beginners, the average wage is about $20 an hour, which is similar to that in more expensive Asian countries. This means your money will go a lot further, as Vietnam's cost of living is dramatically lower.

Generally, the standard of living in South East Asia doesn't quite live up to that of countries like Japan and Taiwan, but if you don't need to live a life of luxury, this won't even cross your mind. You can still live comfortably though, so don't let yourself start imagining a life of squalor.


Like the sound of working 20 hours a week? This is standard in Vietnam. While we by no means want to tell you to go to Vietnam and slack off, it is definitely a plus that the working week is shorter than you might be used to back home.

You still need to be professional and take your job seriously, but the free time you'll have does give you the ability to enjoy your time and experience more of the culture all around you.

The Country!

Let's not forget about Vietnam itself and all that it has to offer. Island hopping, road trips on a motorbike, breathtaking scenery, mountains, jungles, oceans...the list is impressive.

As well as all the things there are to do and places to go, let's not forget about the food. Vietnamese food is some of the best in Asia and is enjoyed worldwide, and naturally, it's going to be even better in its home.


There's a big difference between the north and the south in terms of population density, culture (to some extent), and things to do, so make sure that if you do go, you get to see as much of the country as you can during your time off. Don't just stay in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (Although you won't ever get bored of them either).

Final Thoughts

We don't want to spoil anything for you by filling the trailer with the whole movie, so hopefully we've given you enough information to entice you to check out Vietnam, while still giving you plenty of surprises to experience.

To apply for a position in Vietnam, you can check out this page.